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XMAS PARTY 2022: Revisit The Best Moments

Thursday the 8th of December, Anteroz hosted our annual Xmas Party. With talented performers, amazing vibes from happy people and a splash of glamour, this year’s Xmas Party was a memorable and epic event. The doors opened at 20:00 and our guests did not disappoint: They came party ready, dressed to the nines and had a drink in their hands within five minutes.


After some mingling and reconnecting with old friends, it was time for dinner. We enjoyed traditional Norwegian Christmas food provided by Mammatiljose.


There was no shortage of musical talent, and we had two DJs and five artists that made sure everyone enjoyed themselves until the last minute. The Anteroz Xmas Party 2022 lineup: DJNkee, DJ Negado, WavyMarley, Djoy, EBN, $k!p and Gilbert Soba.

The venue was decorated with gold and black balloons gifted by Partyland Norge. Partyland has everything needed to elevate any occasion and we received tons of compliments from our guests.

An Anteroz party is something to be experienced, not just told about, but we’ll try to give you a glimpse anyway. Our photographer Jakob aka. Jbnostalgic captured the moments you missed.

It was great to see so many of our clients, partners and friends come together - during these stressful times. Until next time.

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