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Naughty or Nice

Since the taste characteristics of Mamajuana are naturally reminding of Christmas thanks to its spiced notes, this cocktail is made in a way to complement and underlines these flavours.

In traditional Mamajuana production is used red wine, which in this case is supported with Gløgg - Christmas spiced red wine. To give the cocktail a silky and smooth character we are using the "milk and honey" method. In this case, it is condensed milk which is sweetened with a touch of honey.

Butterscotch will give us body and rich notes. The cocktail has a heartwarming taste, the same way as Mamajuana Sensual and can be served both cold and warm during cold Norwegian winters.


30ml Unsweetened Condensed milk

10ml Honey

5ml Tomte Gløgg

15ml Butterscotch syrup

Enjoy the Naughty or Nice!

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