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Anteroz is the story of friends who found a flavour and a secret known by few but worth sharing with the whole world: Mamajuana, a botanical rum-based drink aged on a 500-year old Dominican tradition hailed as a source of vitality, the cure to whatever tortures and an aphrodisiac. The stories behind mamajuana and the joy and passion with which the Dominicans serve and enjoy this exotic drink personifies the way they take life itself: as if it is not lived to its fullest unless you do what turns you on.

To share this message with the world, we set out to create a global brand and spread this message in a bottle.


As a company, we believe in bringing something unique to the world in a sustainable way, never forgetting our roots: just the way we learned in the land of the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights.

Image by Juanca Paulino


It is also fundamental to Anteroz to never forget our products’ roots. Crafted in the Dominican Republic, Anteroz is named after Anteros, the Greek God of love and son of Aphrodite, following the legendary Mamajuana property of manifesting amorous desires.

We are determined to honour the Mamajuana tradition with an evolutionary drinking experience and are on a mission to live up to the reputation and be a real turn on for both those who sip and those who pour our unique blend of fiery herbs and luscious honey-infused spirits.

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