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MamaJuana (or Mama juana) is a natural herbal spiced drink of the Dominican Republic, it is concocted by allowing dark rum soak in a bottle with tree bark, herbs, Honey and sometimes red wine is added for the balance.

The liquor acts like a concentrated base which pulls out the therapeutic properties of the herbs, it is said that the more the barks and herbs sit in the liquor the more powerful the curative properties.

Mamajuana is known for its medical and aphrodisiac qualities and was initially made as a remedy or prescription to fix a significant number of the various pains and illnesses of individuals, with a history that returns to the Taino Indians in Hispaniola. This makes the historical backdrop of Mamajuana, over 500 years. Today it is known as a drink you get served at a get-together and most bars really makes their own versions. Pretty much every Dominican family has their own versions and they invest wholeheartedly in their own items and making Mamajuana is a significant piece of Dominican culture. As a visitor to the Dominican Republic, you will most likely be offered to test it out so the majority of the 7-8 million visitors to the Dominican Republic will know what it is.

The traditional way to make Mamajuana is to buy the different ingredients and start mixing your own but the most common way now is to buy the herbs already on a bottle so you just need to add the different liquids. On every street corner in Santo Domingo or other Dominican cities with tourism, you will find vendors selling bottles with the herbs already mixed.

Mamajuana has for very long been a product for local private production without any plan to make it into a proper well-made product but lately, a few premium brands have popped up and have started the job to make Mamajuana into a drink not only for holidays in the Dominican Republic but for the world market and Anteroz is probably the most ambitious one out there with 2 types of Mamajuana and 2 types of regular rum.

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