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ANTEROZ is a young brand open to future partners nationally and globally. We receive a lot of inquiries, and despite creative influencers and interesting profiles out there, we can unfortunately not collaborate with everyone.

influencers and ambassador types  ANTEROZ wants to consider collaborating with are lifestyles, fashion, travel, bartenders, mixologist, bar owners, actors, speakers, models, DJ's, musicians, artists, painters, designers and much more. 

In order for the application to be processed, you must be a part of the above-mentioned groups. The actual treatment time is 2-4 weeks. The application must be comprehensive and sufficiently detailed so that we can more easily assess it.

Anteroz does not collaborate:

Sports athletes
Other competitive brands
Influencers with less than 10K followers
Fashion shops
Tech shop 

Tool shops

Shoe shops

Thank you for thinking of ANTEROZ as a potential business partner.

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