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Updated: Jan 13, 2021

When the La Ronronera, known as the best rum bar in Madrid,  invites the Mamajuana Tradicional to be one of five top-quality Dominican brands for a special tasting, how do you respond? Yes, of course, we are in it for the moments and this is for sure a moment to be in.

Emiliano (owner of La Ronronera) presenting the Mamajuana Tradicional

On Thursday 28. November 70 people gathered together for a special tasting at the Dominican Republic's official tourism department in Madrid. Emiliano, the owner of La Ronronera that had been given the job, chose Anteroz as 1 of five top rum-brands from DR to be presented and tasted! A lot of sips where taken accompanied with amazing finger food and delicious chocolate. The feedback about The Anteroz Mamajuana Tradicional was overwhelmingly good, as usual. Like we love to say it at Anteroz, the moment was turnt!

Thanks to Emiliano and La Ronronera for bringing us to this special gathering with the most important people within the Spanish/Dominican tourism community.

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