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Turning it on at Couch in Grünerløkka

Thanks to Erkan and Radko at Couch we were able to make a last-minute change of venue for our tasting event on 11. April.

For the first time we were presenting our new Mamajuana and our new profile to the public and a group of invited people. Radko even started experimenting with some Mamajuana Cocktails and came up with a brilliant take on Piña Colada that straight away were given the name Mama Colada by Radko Urbanyak and it proved to be a big hit with the crowd with people lining up in the bar to order.

It was an evening filled with smiling faces and positive vibes, but then that is what Mamajuana is all about, turning on the moment with nice people. Judging from the mood of the crowd we can certainly say that bringing people together with Mamajuana is really working well and when the evening also brought us a new really good cocktail, some new backers and interesting guests that tried Mamajuana for the first time and liked it so much they stared cheating in the line to get a second serving, it is for sure the sign of a successful event worth repeating.

Thanks to Erkan, Radko, Sophus for the brilliant service, hospitality and excellent pictures #couch

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