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Small and big sips at Factory Tøyen

There is a magical place in Oslo where entrepreneurs, companies and businessmen come together called Factory Tøyen. Founded by Amalie Victoria Kristoffersen, a good friend of our founder José Barros.

All these years with travelling and living in different exciting places in the world made her pregnant with an idea, Factory Tøyen! A Co-working location where every little detail is thought of. On the top floor of the location, you enter this beautiful hall with reception and incredible performance/stage steers. Past the stair and the individual desks on the left, you will come to a beautiful open kitchen.

Factory Tøyen had set up tasting glasses, bar chairs, water and snacks, ready to turn the moment on! Our founder José prepared the bottles, mixing kit, ice and our very own colada cocktail mix. One by one people starts to show up. With an exclusive invitation for 10 people, 6 people showed up and got to be the first persons on Factory Tøyen to taste our variations of drinks.

José first started with our story while serving everyone water and while telling the Mamajuana story about the different qualities individually he poured a tasting portion in everyone's glass. He guides everyone through a delicious journey from Mamajuana Tradicional to Rum Mellow where ingredients and history is the music of tasting. Peoples reaction on Mamajuana Tradicional is mind-blowing as usual... some of them don't understand, some ask how and some just smile and take all their feelings, smell and taste in at the same time. This is what Anteroz is about, turn the moment on. They got to ask questions through the session, but the taste makes them forget all about what they were wandering about. The taste is new and furiously exciting.

The event moved on to how we work to discover our cocktails while asking the guests questions about what they know about rum, the history, the production and their experience with rum and cocktails. Jose then prepares the first cocktail, Anteroz Mama Colada. Anteroz Mama Colada is our twist on Piña colada, to make it you need to prepare a base that takes hours to make in a vacuum cooker, like the finest sauces at the best restaurants. Is it worth it? YESS! You should have seen their faces when they got to try the Anteroz Mama Colada, with pineapple juice, raw coconut, cinnamon and lime juice this cocktail really takes you on a refreshing sweet and sour journey that you've never had! From that one, we went to Anteroz Piña Colada, Dark and Horny and finished with a classic with our own twist of Rum & Coke, Mama Libre. Too bad I had to get back to work because I just got started to turn on the moment, says one of the guests.

Well, I'm going to a party so I'll have another Mama Cola before I go says Siri Olsen, Project Leader at Tøyen factory. Everyone is still hanging around and don't want to leave the area. It is kind of the feeling you meet when you let Anteroz turn on the moment.

Thanks for letting us turn this day on at Factory Tøyen, we're already looking forward to our next happening with you guys! 

See the event through pictures in this album!

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