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Botanical Rum Tasting

Weekly rum tasting and befriending at the best rum bar in Madrid

  • 21 Norwegian kroner
  • La Ronronera Madrid

Descripción del servicio

With a passion for storytelling and a knowledge about Oslo/the Oslo bar scene through both being part of restaurant startups and now as a founder of the Anteroz Rum brand I would like to offer a tour that is a combination of the history of Oslo and an introduction to the vibrant Cocktail Bar scene., including some of the top bars in the world.. Through my business I have very good connections with all the good bars in town and the combination of sharing the important stories in the city or even the world would make it an interesting evening. I am also a person with a wide range of interests like music, art, science, politics, psychology, philosophy, sports and the world in general so I would not mind going out of topic to have interesting discussions and sharing of ideas and information. Be aware! It will be social and friendly. Bring valid ID for age verification. Entering a bar in Norway requires a minimum age of 20 years. Cocktail and Other 󲀃 The guests will be guided to the bars and told the stories by me but will buy their own Cocktails . Price range 13-22 € pr.

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Piso 4º. Puerta "A" Calle Canillas, 44, 28002 Madrid, Spain

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